About us

Nomad Partners is an independent wealth management firm based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company is fully owned and run by its founding partners who benefit from extensive experience in wealth management and strategic advisory.

Innovative solutions require a global approach and a fully open architecture. In this context, our independence and global reach allow us to continuously search for optimal solutions for our clients.  We are not bound to specific targets, products or partners in order to propose the most appropriate products and services.

Through an extensive network of international experts and trusted partners, Nomad Partners provides its clients with innovative and tailored solutions in the fields of:

We provide wealth management services to high net worth individuals and families worldwide, according to the following three pillars:

  • Independence
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

As an independent company, we are fully committed to servicing our clientele in a manner that is free from any conflict of interest and with a fully transparent fee structure. We do not accept retrocession fees for financial products and all discounts negotiated with our partners are systematically refunded to our clients. Innovation is the key element for us in adapting to the evolving needs of our clients and to changing market conditions.