Our offer is tailored to meet the needs of
The most sophisticated clients, using a holistic and
values-based approach beyond the traditional
wealth management services.

Wealth Management

Our service offer has been designed specifically around protecting and growing the wealth of our clients.

We offer a complete range of banking services, investment management services and credit solutions through in-house experts and a selected network of trusted partners.

We have designed our wealth management philosophy around the following principles:

  • Global approach and open architecture
    Our independence and global reach allow us to continuously search for optimal solutions for our clients.
    We are not bound to specific targets, products nor partners in order to propose the most appropriate products and services.
  • Risk management and discipline
    We believe in investing for the long term through an integrated approach to risk management to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth in a sustainable manner. We provide consolidated asset management services to optimize asset allocation and diversification, and to ensure on-going monitoring and reporting.
  • Independence and transparency
    As an independent company, we are fully committed to servicing our clientele in a manner that is free from any conflict of interest.
    Our fee structure is fully transparent, we do not accept retrocession fees nor offer our own products.

Family Office

Nomad partners understands the specific circumstances of our clients and the need to provide them with tailored solutions.

We recognize that, whether you are a family-business owner, an entrepreneur, a senior executive or a professional athlete, your needs will differ and evolve over time.

We act as a single point of contact for a comprehensive offering that includes:

  • Strategic advisory services
    We are dedicated to helping our clients managing their wealth and planning for a sustainable future.
    Our range of services includes investment advisory, strategic planning, risk management, corporate governance and M&A advisory.
  • Operational advisory services
    Our operational advisory services are aimed at finding optimal solutions to simplify our clients’ personal finances.
    We offer tax planning, accounting services, consolidated reporting and lifestyle management.
  • Family advisory services
    We work closely with our clients to protect and grow their legacy for the next generation using a holistic and values-inspired approach.
    Our advisory services include trust, estate and succession planning, family governance, family business advisory and philanthropy advisory.

About us

Nomad partners is an independent family investment office based in geneva, switzerland.

The company is fully owned and run by its founding partners who benefit from extensive experience in wealth management, family office services and strategic advisory.

As a relationship-driven company, our team is deeply committed to:

  • Building and sustaining long-term partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency
    Founded on a mission to provide objective and independent advice, we believe in a dialogue grounded in openness, trust and transparency.
    Our organization has been designed to avoid conflict of interests and to ensure that we always work in the best interest of our clients.
  • Preserving and enhancing family wealth for current and future generations
    We use a holistic and values-based approach to develop a long-term strategy for preserving and enhancing family wealth for future generations.
    Wealth must be nurtured with strong values, coupled with a robust governance framework, sound financial planning and a proactive approach to risk management.
  • Providing our clients with a bespoke and efficient investment organisation
    Leveraging the insights, experience and global reach of our team, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a bespoke and efficient investment organisation.
    We work with best-in-class providers around the world to offer value-added and innovative services.


Nomad Partners
78, Rue du Rhône
1204 Geneva
+41 22 322 02 02